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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Runner

Recent happenings include:

1. A nice 20 mile bike ride down the Silver Comet Trail 2 days ago.  It's only my third outing with the bike and must say the off-street path is awesome for riding.  I wasn't really pushing hard, but trying to get a solid workout.  Funny how in my cheap-o shorts, cotton shirt, and standard pedals (not even a cage) I only got passed once by a small group of riders, but zipped around a bunch of other posers in full-on bike outfits and expensive rides.  I rode 84 minutes, avg 15mph (included stopping at intersections).  A lot of fun and much easier on the body than an 84 minute run.

2. Have been incorporating some Cross-Fit principled workouts the past few weeks.  What I really mean is, I have been doing push ups, sit ups, curls, squats, and dips.  I'm trying to a) get a stronger core to help with longer runs / injury protection and b)get my wimpy arms to firm up a bit to match my legs.  Also a little weight loss would be nice.

3. Santa brought me the Saucony Hurricane 10 last week.  Very nice shoe so far.  Did a single 6 miler with them so far.  Much more sleek than the Hurricane 8's.  Will write up a review after using them a bit more.

Happy New Year!