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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Running Behind

Almost from day 1 of my "marathon training schedule" I have been behind.  My schdule calls for me running three runs a week, two mid week medium distance and one long weekender.  So far I have been doing pretty poorly at keeping up.
I've been able lately to get in some midweek 6, 7, or 8-milers but long weekend runs just aren't happening.  My goals for the Chicago Marathon are getting reevaluated.  I've adjusted downward to a "strong finish", hopefully averaging a 10 minute pace.
In other news, a week after the Peachtree Roadrace I did the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation 5K , a fun charity run hosted out of Atlanta Station.  I was impressed at the attendance here (several hundred runners).  The course was the Atlantic Station "back loop" 5K looping westward around Hemphill and 17th streets rather than Midtown.  All in all a good race with a near PR time.
Goals for August:
  1. Run more.
  2. Blog more.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Peachtree Madness

My first running of the Peachtree 10K Roadrace Friday was a blast.  I didn't submit a qualifying time so I got placed way back in Corral 5 (50,000's).  We actually started the race some 10 minutes after the winner finished.  Regardless though it was a blast.  I left my iPod at home and chose instead to talk to complete strangers - most of whom were running by themselves with their families looking-on.
Every half mile or so of the race was met with another band, DJ, comedian, you-name-it.  I stopped for a quick snapshot with the onlooking wife at Uncle Julio's Casa Grande near the halfway point.  At about mile 4 I threw any hope at a PR out the window and gladly accepted an ice cold Milwaukee's Best to help with Cardiac Hill.
From a technical standpoint the race is a nice fun run through Atlanta, highlighting the Buckhead and Midtown commercial areas.  Basically he first 3 miles are downhill, and the last three uphill.  It not being a loop or "out and back" also adds some appeal but also some logistical hassle.
But who cares about the details?!  It is one big sweaty 6 mile party that I will surely find myself in again next year.
Godspeed.  And Chicago is just 3 months away...