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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Run

On the heels of my 10 miler Friday morning with the neighbor, and his Forerunner, I set out again this morning.  Having stayed up to watch all of SNL last night needless to say I slept in a little and got a late start (about 9am).
It was a little brisk, but the run started great.  I've started to notice that the first 3 miles used to be the worst part of my run, this morning I felt loosened up and engergetic at about a mile and half.  Progress I guess.
I brought a Powerade Gel pack with me in case I was feeling adventurous and wanted to go a little extra.  My stadard 10.1mile run takes me through the Oakland Cemetary at about the halfway point.  I get a good view of Grady from the big hill in the middle (I will have to post a photo here next week).  The Cemetary is hosting some kind of spooky nights thing for Halloween.... there were a few scattered Corona's and some left over lights and signs from last night.  Looks like fun.
I was feeling good enough by mile 6 to go ahead and try to run more than my usual long course.  I popped down a Gel and hit the water fountain.  10.1, by the way is the longest I have run since a 20K in 1996 (The Bainbridge, Georgia Pine Run), and that was the only time I had run that far before.  What I'm saying is basically I have been training at 10mi recently, which is something I have never done until the past month or so.
I passed my usual endpoint and continued to do another loop around the block.  Man, funny how I can run 10 miles without feeling dead then addding only an extra mile is like KILLER.  My extra loop took me around the backside of my 'hood, where my old 5.5mile loop used to finish up.  On several occasions I tripped and nearly fell on the crooked sidewalk when I was totally exhausted from the 5 miles.  And as I crossed mile 11 I almost tripped again.  Fitting.
I ended on my new powerson - Bleed it out by Linkin Park.
Happiness is setting a new distance PR (minus the one race 11 years ago).  Unfortunately my iPod is now miscalibrated by about 5% so it overcalled my distance and speed, I will work on another calibration tomorrow.

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greg said...

Good for you for stretching yourself. Found you on the Complete Running Network.