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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Somehow Pulled It Off: Atlanta Shamrock n Roll 10K

Wow I actually finished this race with a great time (for me).  Given that my training has been spotty, and that I've done 4 other tough runs the past 7 days (usually averaging 10min/mile) I still managed to do this 10K at an 8:26/mi pace.  I was expecting to finish around a 9:45 pace, but running with the 8 1/2 pack was feeling reasonable so I did my best to keep up.  I even had gas left for a nice sprint to the finish.  Funny I finished 8 minutes faster than I told my wife, so she didn't see me and we couldn't find each other for 30 minutes.  As for consistency, my mile splits were within 24s of each other.  The official time has me a little slower because I started in the back of the pack and didn't get my chip scanned at the end for a full 20-30s after the finish line.
Either way, the race went great.
The race is a mixed 5K/10K (the 10K serves as the last qualifier for the Peachtree roadrace July 4).  The course starts at Atlantic Station courtyard, winds through the outdoor mall then heads West.  There is 1 big hill, a couple other smaller ones and the finish is on a downhill.  The major criticism is that the 10K is basically 2nd lap around the 5K course with one small variance.  I'm sure it's done that way to be cheaper (more money for the charity) and easier, but it means the route isn't very scenic; so you're running for running's sake, not for the view.
So I think another long run mid-week and then I'm resting up for the Georgia Half Marathon in 2 weeks.


Tim Wilson said...

Very cool - I must not have caught it on your blog that you were going to run this. I ran this race as well yesterday and set a new PR.

Great job!

Joe said...

Great job on the run! Sounds like you're definitely ready for the Half Marathon. Good luck at ING.

Jonathan said...

Great job. I ran yesterday as well, fighting a sore knee and a sore foot to finish at 1:04. A little better than what I had expected given the leg condition, so overall a success. To the pool with me now to try and let the legs heal in time for the ING as well.

Good luck in the ING.