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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hot Seven Today

First off you'll notice my lack of posts recently.  My life is a mess.  I had a very rough May and so far no releif for June.  On call this weekend, and after rounds this morning went out for what was to be a leisurely jog.  Unfortunately it seems summer has already arrived.  The scorching hot weather combined with my general state of dehydration and not a water-fountain in sight made for a hot little run.
I actually was able to find a restroom and drink from the sink... pretty bad I know.  Anyway I finished seven and quit.  Was hoping to make it up to ten or so, but will have to be a day when it's cooler and when I'm rested and hydrated.  I guess the deadly heat of summer will give the elliptical machine another time to shine.
Still planning on Chicago in October.  Next race coming up is the Peachtree 10K on July 4, which is mostly a 6 mile social (with 55K participants and me being non-seeded).  Should be a good time at least.

1 comment:

Brian said...

Drinking from a sink in a public bathroom. I guess whatever doesn't kill you can only make you stronger, right?

Good luck in the Peachtree.