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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Peachtree Madness

My first running of the Peachtree 10K Roadrace Friday was a blast.  I didn't submit a qualifying time so I got placed way back in Corral 5 (50,000's).  We actually started the race some 10 minutes after the winner finished.  Regardless though it was a blast.  I left my iPod at home and chose instead to talk to complete strangers - most of whom were running by themselves with their families looking-on.
Every half mile or so of the race was met with another band, DJ, comedian, you-name-it.  I stopped for a quick snapshot with the onlooking wife at Uncle Julio's Casa Grande near the halfway point.  At about mile 4 I threw any hope at a PR out the window and gladly accepted an ice cold Milwaukee's Best to help with Cardiac Hill.
From a technical standpoint the race is a nice fun run through Atlanta, highlighting the Buckhead and Midtown commercial areas.  Basically he first 3 miles are downhill, and the last three uphill.  It not being a loop or "out and back" also adds some appeal but also some logistical hassle.
But who cares about the details?!  It is one big sweaty 6 mile party that I will surely find myself in again next year.
Godspeed.  And Chicago is just 3 months away...

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Tim Wilson said...

Congrats on your first Peachtree! Mine was last year. This year I had to walk it due to an injury just 3 weeks ago in a race.

Good luck in Chicago!