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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kiawah this Week

Later today I'm headed out to Kiawah Island, SC for one of those "doctor conferences".  I hear there's pretty good running there - they host a marathon every year.  Most notable though is the golf at Kiawah, arguably the best in the SE United States.  I'm still a 100+ golfer, but lately have been driving and pitching well, which makes the game A LOT more fun.
So far still on my (new) marathon training schedule, even ahead a little.  After the half last week I took Monday off, I ellipticalled for 450kcal Tuesday, then 700 Wednesday.  Friday I did what I guess you'd call a "lactate threshold" run on the treadmill for 30 minutes, just over 600kcal (20/minute) at a constant 7mph but the "hills program".  My Friday treadmill LT run was with the new Nikes, which gave no probs.
Monday this week I ran about 6 on the road with the new Nikes.  Disturbingly they gave a little trouble... The inside bottom edge of the right great toe was getting worn by the Nike sidewall.  No blister formed but it got pretty tender.  After further analyzing my gait it looks like I follow with my right foot everted just a little, making a little extra medial-to-lateral force on my right great toe.  This caused my toe to put extra pressure on the medial sidewall of the shoe.  Hopefully I don't always run like that.  Maybe I was splinting a little from a hard week last week?
I put back on the old Saucony's today for a 6 miler.  No problems.  I paid special attention to gait, and it seems I do have a tendency to evert my right foot.  I forced it straight today.
ll try to get in one or two longish runs in Kiawah (my schedule calls for a single 10 miler once more this week).  I'm only bringing the new Nikes.
See you out there!

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Brian said...


Looks like your running strong, LT tests, well, I guess you are a MD so.

I have a big race in May in Florida, where it's going to be hot, and I'd like to do a base LT test now and one the week before my race, can you post instructions?