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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Bike for a Runner

Today I picked up my new (cheap-o) road bike.  For the past couple months I've been thinking about doing some biking to mix up my workout routine as well as add a little bit of simple commuting here and there.  I wanted something I could do some good aerobic training with, would take a beating (at least wouldnt hurt so much in the wallet), and would let me commute a little.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I've never really been "into" biking so am quickly catching up on all the lingo and gear options out there.
I decided on a very lightly USED aluminum-frame noname bike with entry-level Shimano components.  New from discount online retailer this bike was $600.  I got for under $350 after just 50 miles use, and seller threw in $20 computer, clipless pedals and underseat bag.  I figure its a good cheap way to figure out exactly what I want for a serious bike one day OR its a cheaper way to figure out I'm not really a cycling kinda-guy.
I picked up a cheapo helmet, lock, and pump from Wal-mart after gawking around Performance Bicycle (a great store but will wait a bit before over-upgrading my hobby).  I zipped a few times around the block today, trying to figure out the gears and whatnot (my last bike was a 1997 Gary Fisher Marlin with gripshift shifters; not nearly as much education required). 
The specs:
Model: Mercier Orion AL ( brand) 54cm
Front Fork: Kinesis carbon fiber
Crank: TH RPM 52/42/30T 165/170/172.5
Seatpost: Al / Carbon thing (?)
Shifters: Shimano Sora STI
Brakes: Tektro
Front Derailer: Shimano Sora
Rear Derailer: Shimano Tiagra
Rims: AlexRims D22
Tires: Michelin 700x23C
Pedals: cheap-o alloy
Weight: 20 lbs
I know the purists out there will hate that I got a "cheap" bike sold at an online discounter.  While a "starter bike" costing around $800-900 at a local bike shop wasn't totally unreasonable, I just dont see the expense being worthwhile right now.  If I keep riding then this basic setup will get turned over and upgraded soon enough, and the guys at the SoPo Bike Co-op will have great fare for a stylin' fixed gear.
Run on! (and ride a little)


rodney said...

Have fun and watch out for your countrymen driving and text messaging.

Matthew Barrowclough said...

Performance Bicycle? Dude, why didn't you consult!?

We definitely need to work on your bicycle knowledge. Cranks are 52/42/30T which is the number of teeth in the chainring. The likely crankarm length for your size bike is 172.5mm.

Support your local shop or better yet, learn to repair your own steed. But please, refer all questions to me. B/c I can't afford to see a friend go back to Performance. Remember, i'm a pro mechanic now so i can answer most of your stuff and I ride a shitload of miles. If you need some training advice I can give that too.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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