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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yikes the knee!

Admittedly I've been lazy since the marathon about running.  This morning I headed out for what I hoped would be a long run.  Atlanta was beautiful today - clear, 50-degrees and breezy.  Very nice for running.  At about mile 4 I felt my left, then my right, IT band acting up at my lateral knee.  I tried to be careful about my mechanics and stay on smooth asphalt but finally at about mile 5 I had to stop.  The pain was too much and I was worried I would hurt myself further.
Turns out my right IT band was the worser.  I walked the next mile-and-a-half home.  Defeated.
Being my hard-headed self I then went out to try my new Bike for a road test.  All I've really done so far is tool around the neighborhood getting used to the gearing and adjusting the seat.  Why should I let a bum knee hold me up?
So I headed for a ride over to Decatur (about 16 miles round trip).  The bike went great. I had to adjust the seat again, actually higher than I liked but made for better pedalling.  Only at about mile 15 did I start to get a twinge of the knee pain again.  It was actually quite funny to see how (relatively) fast I did this trip cycling as it seems like it takes forever to run it. :)  The other "funny" thing was to see my cheap-o Bell bicycle computer go flying off the handlebars at 20mph and skip into some bushes... Nowhere to be found.  It's only funny because I do actually have a sense of humor.
My knee now OK but will rest it some this week.  Will also try some stretches to get the IT band loosened up.
I thought about reinventing the wheel and devoting a blog to IT band treatments but there are plenty of other sites out there that do already.  Here's One.
Stretch on!


rodney said...

That's what gets me. I've never had shin trouble. Ankles? No. Hips? Never. I've had one pulled calf that sidelined me for about a week. But whenever my legs suffer from running, it's the knees.

Debbie Curtis-Magley said...

Great blog! Thanks for the story on your knee injury. It's been a frustrating experience trying to recover from runners knee.