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Friday, November 2, 2007

Foot Pain Blues

Halloween morning I went off to enjoy a long 10 mile run.  Note this is coming on the heels of my pretty tough 5 mile run the morning before.  Immediately I had a pain in my right lateral foot (on or about the 5th metatarsal).  The pain was a dull ache that pounded with each step.  It got worse and worse and at 0.9 miles I quit running.  I walked back to the house.

What frustration!  It is a terrible feeling being hopeless and hurt.  My 10 mile race is coming up - supposedly my mental springboard for a marathon next year.  Now I've got an injury to nurse.

I don't think its a fracture - no tenderness I can find and no swelling. Just pain in the general region of that bone, especially when I supinate my ankle and give it a little more pressure.  Probably some tendon or joint space in there inflamed.

The plan is to chill on jogging until the race next weekend.  I will work on the eliptical machine this weekend to keep strength up.  I probably won't get a chance to run during the week as my new rotation has begun at work and it is insanely busy (some 30 hours just thursday and friday alone).

Stay posted.

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