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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's been a slaughter

In the medical field we call it a slaughter. Since November 1 I've
been on a very busy rotation in my residency. Lately I've been
getting into the hospital at 5:45am and leaving around 7 or 8pm (7pm
actually on the early side). I've decided that no matter how hard I
work during the day there will be work found until at least 7.

That being said the Chickamauga run has been my last time out. This
past weekend I was on call, which usually affords me some time to run.
I changed into my running clothes in the car, hooked up the iPod and
halfway down the stairwell got paged back to the hospital - a simple
30 minute consult turned into 4 more, plus an OR trip, plus a couple
of procedures on the floor.

I've been away from my wife and house so much I don't feel right about
running during my 2-3 free hours a day.

Tomorrow I hope to get all done by 4 or 5pm and head out the door for
a four-day Thanksgiving break. Will be sure to get in a run here or

Happy break!

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Brian said...

Have a happy Thanksgiving, get your run(s) in and drink a few Sam Adams.