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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Runs

We pulled up to my in-laws in rural Florida at about 1am Thanksgiving
morning. The skies were getting cloudy and we could start to see a
little lightening in the distance... regardless, at 1am after 6 hours
of driving we were headed to bed...

Thanksgiving morning brought the rains - granted good for the
southeast drought - the 1/2" or so we got was barely a drop in the
bucket but enough to keep me off the road.

We had a our usual grotesquely large Italian thanksgiving for lunch
and did the other usual family things after the rain cleared up -
played with the motorcycles, our golf driver challenge, badminton.

The day ended by carving into the turkey and cranberry sauce for dinner.

Friday morning I woke up before everyone and found the morning
beautiful. I strapped on the Saucony's and headed out on the rural
Florida highway (careful to keep the Pod volume low - very little
traffic, but also no sidewalks). I did a nice 6.5miler and got back
before my wife even woke up. Temp in the 50's. Then treated myself
to the outside shower.

Later Friday we went to visit my family, a couple hours away. I
dragged my dad out to run Saturday morning on a 4 mile jog (he used to
do distances, but is just now getting back into it - mostly doing
elliptical training - and only runs now when I come in town). The 4
miler was slow but we got to explore a few new areas around the house,
including two large ponds, I never knew were there.

I would be out there right now but the rain has returned. Am getting
ready to head back to the city, back to work, back to 14 hour days,
and back to probably no more running until my next day off - December

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