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Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Distance PR 13.9 mi

The past few days I have been working fairly hard on medium distance, doing "fast" 5 milers on the treadmill at work Thursday and Friday evenings.  Saturday I did a 6 mile Galloway run in the fastest pace group (I was a guest of one of the group leaders).  Last night I felt so beat I had to go to bed early.
The rain overnight started me afresh though.
I wanted a change of "pace" so I drove up to the Freedom Partk PATH in an attempt to follow it for a few miles.  The portion of the path through the park was a nobrainer but when the path emptied onto the streets there is practically no marking.  I quickly fell off the path and just did a scenic run to Decatur.  Thanks to the Forerunner I was able to pick my way back through the neighborhoods to get back home (took a different route back).
I intended really to just do another medium distance run at pace, but quickly discovered running hard was not in the works today.  However, I felt great jogging at about a 10:00 pace (slowing some to average 10:30) so I just went with it.
In all, it felt great but should've looked up some waterfountains or brought a drink.  Wound up drinking from two different water hoses at various construction sites.
I will take a day or two off but need to keep my training strong for the final ~5 weeks or so before marathon taper.

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