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Saturday, August 30, 2008

New PR @ Grant Park Shade Festival 5K

I have raced the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival 5K the past three years.  While I wasn't explicitly trying for a new PR I did think I stood a chance as lately I've been keeping a pretty quick pace with my training.  The course however is a bit hilly, and I've discovered that near the end of a race I just can't run downhill fast enough to make up for a slow uphill.
I did the first mile at a 7:16 split.  I think a little too fast as I had to recover some for the second mile.  I was able to pick up the third a little and have a strong finish - some 4 seconds faster than my previous PR.
Next up: Run for Research 10K Sep 20.

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rodney said...

Don't you just LOVE hills? Good luck!