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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back in the Saddle

OK, my first real run in about 3 weeks.  I tried out the new Forerunner I got for Christmas - seemed to work great, but didn't have the auto-pause turned on so my virtual partner left me in the dust at the water fountain.  Finished with a 9:49 pace for 5 miles.  Also ran with the Nike+, calibrated it on the first mile but by the end it was still off by 6-7%.  I think the hills really screw it up, even though my average pace was the same.
Legs a little sore this morning.
Today is the last day of Holiday for me.  I return tomorrow, but after New Year's my schedule lightens up a bit.
I will begin training for the ING Georgia Half Marathon.  Was thinking of doing the full marathon but given my recent hiatus don't think its possible.  Will be fun to do the Chicago next fall as my first anyway (and still before 30 years).

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