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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Update: Out with the 101

Well, it seems my min review of my new Forerunner 101 got me thinking... and looking... and finding that the Garmin Forerunner 205 is on sale at Amazon after Christmas for $149.99 and qualified for free shipping and no taxes in GA.
Hmmm.... So after letting my wife know I had her get me the wrong gift I went and returned the 101 to Target and upgraded for $50 more to the 205.  The warehouse is in ATL so I got the device yesterday.
I just completed my first run (6.5mi) with it.
Here is a large review on the 205, so I won't reinvent the wheel.
Some of my own comments though:
- First off it is awesome.  Hopefully I can get a web app to publish my runs with.
- The more traditional watch shape fits better
- The GPS Receiver is supposedly far more accurate.  I have no way of knowing.  It was within .01 miles of what google maps said my route should be though.
- The included software, Garmin Training Center (GTC), had some sync glitches which required me uninstalling and downloading the newest version off the garmin site to fix.  No real biggie but annoying.
- GTC has a lot of limitations but does all of the basics.  Does NOT have good built in street level maps.
- The web-based account you get with the 205 is somewhat more useful for mapping.  I'm still playing with this now.
- Garmin says they will be replacing MotionBased with for the 205/305 in Jan 08.  Hopefully that means it will be feature-packed and easy to use.
- Elevation/Grade is pretty much way off except for long steady hills.  MotionBase fixes this somewhat by cross referencing position for known elevation data.
- There are some whispers that the 305 may have yet better accuracy, but so far the only upgrade I can find for the 305 is the free HR monitor and the optional footpod or cadence device.  For most it seems like that isn't worth the $80 extra...
Happy Caching!

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