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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chipping for Par

Wow well my holiday vacation-thon started last Friday.  Began with (of course) another long day then the obligatory "night out" with my wife's friends, then my friends, all ending up at a common third watering hole in midtown Atlanta.  Somehow managed to stumble in around 1:30am just in time to get a little sleep before two solid days of Christmas shopping.
Sunday evening I drove down to north Florida to hang out with my family - our holiday time - as will be visiting the wife's family this year for most of the break.
It has been kinda the southeat's first cold snap and I'm maybe a little too wimpy to go out for run in the near-freezing temps.  Last night and tonight I did a hard 30 minutes on my fam's elliptical (450 calories burned, harder than my usual run); weak I know but more than the nothing I've been doing lately.  Really glad to see I can still hang given have taken off practically the last 6 weeks from any serious exercise.
Today the old man and I played golf at an unknown south Georgia course - Golden Leaf in Calvary, Ga.  A neat place because it was opened about 2 years ago by a farmer that worked the land for some 30 years before he designed and built an 18-holepar 72 course on it.  Granted you have to fight off his watchdog for the first hole and the tee-box markers are made of concreted Solo cups, it is a very interesting (and at times lonely) place to play.  The Tuesday rate is $18 for 18 holes and a cart - cheaper than the cheapest ghetto golf in Atlanta.  My game was further off than the norm - found myself in a situation to chip for par (from 50 yds or so) on almost every par 4 or 5.  Thursday am playing in Atlanta so maybe will be able to redeem myself.
Later this week am flying out to Oklahoma for the in-laws.  It should be a good time.  Have never been out there before and am looking forward to the BBQ (and hi test egg nog).
Joy to all.

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