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Monday, December 24, 2007

Reindeer Sightings

The wife and I made it out to OK just in time for a little snow on Saturday.  The temp never rose above 30 and the wind never got much below that.  So cold we had to go buy more warm weather gear.
The snowfall probably didnt amount to much more than  1 1/2" but all the wind made it kick around quite a bit.
We visited the OKC bombing memorial, a very nice place albeight all outdoor and FREEZING.  The we went over to bricktown for a bit of fun snow-tubing inside the baseball stadium.
Being Floridians at heart we tried our best to make a snowman but it barely stood 40" tall.  It lasted through the night (although the head rolled off) but was reduced to an "ice mound" by midday sunday.  It did manage to scare the dog off.
Today we fly back home.  Tomorrow will be spent exchanging gifts between the wife and the dog then heading up to Chateau Elan (resort, winery, hotel) for a Christmas buffet lunch with some friends.  Will be my first Christmas away from family of some sort and honestly am looking forward to the relaxation.
If I can get everyone awake here in time we're going to to the gym this AM.  I would run but the roads are a little icy and I don't know where any trails are.
Merry Christmas!

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