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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Daylight Comes

This weekend I'm on call at the big house.  Kinda the pits but its only once or twice a month.  My friday night was good - made it down to happy hour after work with "team" and my wife.  Managed to not get called in all night, but had the obligatory "every 90 minutes we'll page you about something we don't really need to ask you about." [incidentally I'm preparing a whole entry on stupid doctor phone calls]
I woke at four, then five, then five fifteen (to let the dog out), then six thirty, then finally seven AM to my alarm.  I got up and ready in the usual fashion but couldn't help but notice something...  it was daylight out.
I haven't actually seen daylight this week since last Sunday on the drive back from Florida.  (we'll maybe in the afternoon i had crossed the street at work in between buildings, but that hardly counts).  Most all the leaves are down too.  The wind blowing drifts of maple magnolia leaves across an empty Saturday morning steet is almost sureal; I'm instantly transported to last year this time.
It is my favorite time of year I think.
I did my rounding, caught up on some scut and was able to negotiate a 5miler in at work - running round and round a small lake at the hospital.  It was sunny and in the high sixties.  Perfection.

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