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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brutal 8.5

Today a full day of 9-hole golf, played the front 5 horribly and straightened it up with 4 straight pars to finish.  The trick is I finally figured out what a "swing plane" is and am swinging that way without "breaking" my wrists on the backswing.  It definitely feels a bit wimpier but the balls are flying straighter, and without the spin, farther.

I only did a 4 miler Friday in hopes of a long run today, so after golf I got ready for a nice "warm" afternoon stroll.  I basically did my usual route through the neighborhood and through the Oakland Cemetery, but added a small detour for a total of 8.57 miles.  ALL SAID IT WAS THE WORST RUN I'VE HAD A IN WHILE.  I felt horrible all the way till about mile 4 then just felt weak and fatigued.  Looking back my breakfast today consisted of coffee on the way to golf and lunch was some chips and salsa.  Let's hope that's what did it.

I took a few pics of the cemetery when running through (been meaning to do that) and will upload them when my desktop computer gets its new monitor this week (thanks Dell).

For the Garmin Forerunner crowd, my neighbor and I ran together.  He has the 305, I have the 205.  We were careful to start and stop them exactly the same time and of course we ran together.  His recorded us going 8.67 miles, mine 8.57.  The only difference was that mine was set to "auto pause" when we stopped for water and photos, and his kept recording.  I guess that's what did it... or do you think the 205 and 305 have different algorithms?

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