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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Strange Thing Happened...

Strange thing happened on the way to the blog: I did a self-search for thismanruns at technorati and found a) that I have NOT been automatically pinging my posts so technorati barely knew me but more interestingly b) an off-beat mashup-advertisement-only website about elliptical machines apparently borrowed my most recent post and presented it like thier own original content.  There is probably a techno-savy term for this, but I don't know it.  Apparently they have a bot out there that searches for posts that mention "elliptical trainer" or the like and then they copy those blog entries into their own feed.  This gives the appearance that they are hosting this awesome blog with postings from elliptical experts everyday.

Also on the way to the blog you'll notice I made a few layout changes.  I hacked the Blogger template and made the two columns a little wider so there isn't so much wasted space on the sides.  I also added some new buttons, like the " Digg This" and one for the Complete Running Network Blog Family.  Additionally I got this new piece of blog-flare, the Romlet.  I'm still not sure what the Romlet is.  It does something to keep track of how many of their tracked sites link to you.  It was billed as being some kind of tool to build a blog social network or something, but I don't see how.  Unless I find it useful in the next week or so I will kill it.

MOST INTRIGUING TONIGHT was around 7pm when I was at a stoplight on the East side, facing south I saw THE BIGGEST METEOR EVER.  It looked like it could've been a missile heading to Earth, but burnt out about 20-degrees off the horizon.  Mind you it was so bright it was very clear and bright in the middle of the city with lots of ambient street lights around.  I even thought it could've been a plane or something going down.  It started dim like most shooting stars then brightened up, got a tail, got dim then got real bright, like an explosion and dim again until dark.  Lasted about a second.  I've been out at 3am to "meteor showers" before in rural areas and never saw one this bright.  Cool is all I'm sayin'.

In running news I did my usual weekday-workday routine yesterday, this time adding an extra half mile or so.  I will probably do the same Friday.  Still chilly here, but most of the cold is coming from the whipping wind.

And yeah, Brian, lets plan on a pre-ING run - maybe 3/15? (early AM)  Everyone else invited of course...

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