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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Naples 1 and 2

This past weekend one of my medical societies had thier annual meeting at a luxury hotel down in Naples, Florida. I took advantage of the climate (both social and meteorological) to partake in both cocktails as well as a run on the Naples gulf shore.

Friday morning I headed north from the hotel and mostly found myself running though resort/condo parking lots and along paved paths. Two observations: 1) the sidewalks are asphalt to accomodate the many golf carts and 2) there are a A LOT of planted palm trees. Comical really. I did two miles in one direction, thanks Forerunner, and turned it around. Back before daylight and in time to see plenty of old men pat themselves on their backs at the conference.

Friday afternoon we had the obligatory foursome scramble gold tournament. I wound up getting paired with a couple of sales reps that bought drinks all afternoon, and this was reflected in our score - Minus 5. Just as well, we had so much to drink we didn't stop and wound up playing 6 extra holes and not submitting our score.

Saturday morning i headed South from the hotel and found the beach, running some 2 1/4 miles on packed sand. An absolutely beautiful experience. I ran all the way to the ugly southern protective jetties that were built to prevent erosion, cut east back though the condos and returned to the hotel along the "intercoastal". 6 1/4 in total.

Saturday morning left the conference early, patted MYSELF on the back and played another round of golf before getting on the plane [Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Fort Myers, where 17 of 18 holes have water hazards, about half with water on each side of a dog leg. Lost 8 balls]

Great weekend. Arms and legs sore.

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Rundoodle said...

My parents (retired) live in Naples. They have a couple of good runs - a 20k in the fall, and a half marathon in January. Both are organized by the running store "Naples on the Run" and the Gulf Cost Runners club. (

I did my PR in the half marathon there - it's so flat!