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Monday, January 28, 2008

Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery is one of my favorite stops on my neighborhood runs.  It is a beautiful "garden cemetery" established in 1850 on the edge of downtown Atlanta.  It is about a mile-or-so loop I add to the "far corner" of my run.  It's filled with water fountains and cool air, a nice break from the parking lot that is so much of Atlanta.  The gate on the WEST end of the cemetery (nearest the guard house) seems to always be open to foot traffic, whether its 5am or 3pm.
The Atlanta skyline photo is from "Bell Tower Ridge" at Oakland.
The headless statue I just thought was, errrrr, interesting.
(btw I plugged my lcd tv up to my computer until my new dell monitor arrived so I can update my motionbased account and photos)

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