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Monday, January 21, 2008

Cold Days

Sorry for a little rambling:
1. On the heels of my last post we got more snow here Satuday - about 2-3" best I can tell.  Much of it is still around as it hasn't broke 40 degrees all weekend.
2. This evening I went out and did a 8-miler in the cold (37F).  I got one of those thin Nike earwarmer bands and wore my longsleeve.  Was definitely cold, but my pace was good (better than some other recent runs).
3. We are seriously considering the purchase of an elliptical trainer for the house.  We've been looking around some and are finally over the sticker-shock.  I first swore I couldn't spend more than a few hundred bucks on such a toy but after riding several of the sub-$800 machines we've now got a new price target.  Per another website (that doesn't sell anything) we read a review of SOLE ellipticals and treadmills (  They seem to be pretty much a sleeper brand, selling mostly to commercial clients and most notably Hilton Hotels.  They've recently gotten into retail (so I read) and offer several solid-build ellipticals and treadmills for $1000+ less than the big names out there (PreCor, LifeFitness).  We are looking most carefully at the Sole E35 elliptical at $1300.  Has anyone had any experience with one of these?  It features a fullsize 82" long frame, heavy-duty steel, a 27-lb flywheel, a 20-inch stride and a 5yr in house warranty with lifetime frame/brake warranty.  I rode one today at Dick's sporting goods and was super-impressed with the smoothness and stability especially compared to the crappy cheap Proform's and Reebok's they had.  If we get it I'll leave a full review...
4. New running feed.  You'll notice the lefthand column on this page features a "recent runs" tab.  This weekend I discoverd that MotionBased automatically publishes an RSS of your runs.  So from now on all of my Forerunner / MotionBased runs will show up here.  Cool!  One problem is that I occasionally run on a treadmill, elliptical, or just plain forget the Garmin and currently MB doesn't allow for manual entry of runs, so those won't get published.
5. Oh and thank goodness Kroger supermarket finally started selling a generic rasin bran crunch this past week.  There is so much to look forward to.

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