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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day

Wednesday afternoon brought a cold front to Atlanta.  We had an ice warning on with all the local schools preparing to close down for a "snow day" Thursday.  As for myself, I didn't even realize the cold was coming until I walked outside the building in my running shorts... and had snow slap me in the face.
I thought twice about running, maybe even three times.  Being a Florida boy this is the MOST snow I've ever seen at a place where I wasn't just visiting.  The air wasn't too cold though (so unfortunately most of it didn't stick), only a balmy 38F.  After thinking about how much I needed the run, and how it would be great to run in the snow, I tightened my laces and headed out.
We had quite a gusty little snowfall, snow full-on horizontal at times, and many times requiring me to stare at only the ground to keep going.  By the end of 6 miles I had some snow piled on my shorts and shirt.  The hair-snow had melted, leaving me kinda soaked.
HOW REFRESHING.  Running in the cold is great.  I remember how not too long ago I would get VERY winded whenever I ran below about 45 degrees; I think it's because I was so out of shape.
Happy Snow Day.

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Rundoodle said...

Good for you! I really wish I had a better attitude about the cold. And I'm from Michigan!