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Monday, January 14, 2008

ING Georgia Marathon & Half

I put in my registration last night at for the half marathon. That will be the longest run I've ever done (close only to a 20K race in 1996 when I was much younger...). I'm trying to get in enough training that I can finish with a 9:30 pace and not be too dead; being in Atlanta though the hills are bound to be killers.

Still have my sights set on the full Chicago Marathon '08. I recently found out I will be traveling there in March - I may have to practice parts of the course while I'm there. About the middle of November I had no idea if I'd be able to swing it, but low and behold there was light at the end of the tunnel. Back are the days of taking off at 4:30 to do a little run before heading home.

Anyone else in the blogosphere doing the ING (GA)?


Rundoodle said...

I am! I'm going for the full this year. I did the half last year. I love this route! It goes through some of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta and I guess I was kind of surprised that there really was decent crowd support.

The hills are tough, but if you are able to train on the route itself, that will help a lot. I knew where and when to expect them.

Brian said...

I am going to run the half, and I can't wait!

Now that I said it, I guess I sould sign up.

I'm over in Gwinnett, if you close we should do a training run.


Tim Wilson said...

Hey - just found your blog. Saw you posted on another blog and did a search for your name when I saw you were in Atlanta. I am out in Gwinnett.

I have seriously considered running the ING Half. I am training for my first half and will be running the "Run the Reagan" in Snellville as my first. I figure if all goes well, the ING will be about a month and a half following that.

Cool to find someone else from the Atlanta area.

Richard said...

Running the Half! goal pace for me is 9min/mile!