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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dallas / Las Colinas

The past two days were beautiful but rushed; we left home Friday morning around 6am to arrive in Dallas-Ft. Worth by 9am and to the resort thirty minutes later.  We checked in early and did an hour in the gym prior to our noon luncheon.  I wound up doing 3 "miles" on the elliptical plus a one mile 'sprint' on the treadmill, along with some nautilus machine work.  The luncheon was followed by an afternoon of meetings / lectures until around 6:45pm.  At this point the evening activities got underway, which included a tequila bar and heavy hors devours.
Unfortunately stayed up too late to be able to get my 5am run in...  wound up stumbling back down to the conference at 7am to sit through another 5 hours.
Immediately following a box lunch Saturday (maybe this was a mistake) I headed out for a Colinas neighborhood run.  As you see from the map, not exactly the most scenic path, but I was a little pressed for time to catch my flight.  Las Colinas seems like it was originally a middle class suburb that got overrun with 3 or 4 large resort and country clubs.  Interesting mix of small ranch homes, average apartments and very large golf course houses.
I was pretty exhausted after this one.  Again, must attribute it to my eating, sleeping, and exercising the day before.
Best part was I was already checked out by this point so I used the spa to shower, shave, get dressed, and relax in the spa lounge.  I think definitely I could start everyday in a spa facility.  Sorry no pictures!

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