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Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Ten

Didn't get a chance to do any running this weekend really.  A little let down but did get in 9 holes of golf yesterday (and just to be nerdy I hooked my Forerunner up to my golf bag to track our progress).  In all my driving and mid game have improved but I'm totally incapable of finishing it on the green.  Interestingly my golf partner took a direct hit to the shoulder with an aberrant drive at the exact instant the golfer yelled "FORE!".  Why do I pick these sports that take years and years of practice and have too many variables to adequately EVER account for?!
Today was a great day for Hillary Care.  Our first case got started late.  Our second case had to cancel because he was "sippin' on some coffee" this morning instead of showing up for surgery (a shame because he's got what looks like cancer and needs a biopsy).  Score one for cancer, and score one for me getting done early I guess.
Was a beautiful 65-degrees and sunny.  A great day for a run.
I first got to take off running around 4pm but called back at 1/2 mile point to deal with some nose bleeding problems (of someone else), so I had an hour intermission.  Starting again, I extended my Candler Lake/Lullwater loop today and ran through the Emory campus, making a long leg out to the IM fields.  For a mile or so ran right by a beautiful little stretch of creek, which since the recent rains is a little like whitewater.
I finished relatively strong at mile 9.4 (not including my 1 mile false-start).  I was starting to notice some tension at my right IT band though.  I've never had the IT band problem, so don't really know what it feels like.  Hopefully it won't turn out to be a worsening problem...
Rains are coming back tomorrow, so this is probably it until the end of week.  Cheerio.

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