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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Rain Came

Just when i was all ready for a nice medium distance run today the sky fell.  They are predicting 3 inches over the next 24 hours in Atlanta - that's about two inches higher than our reservoir given the drought.
Rather than head out into the muddy abyss I borrowed by neighbor's basement and ran on his Horizon Treadmill.  I must just be too used to gym-quality equipment, this thing was under-impressive honestly.  He said he spent around $800 on it (he actually does A LOT of running, several marathons, etc and only uses it for the occasional bad weather).  It has an air cushion under the running platform that was just too awkward - when running at about 7mph my weight coming down on the platform slightly deforms the platform (the "cushion"), causing the belt to "pinch" and slow down.  This makes for an awkward "trip" and almost fall every time this happens.
Anywho, I finally adopted an odd run pattern to keep from tripping, but my boredom and perceived treadmill exhaustion finally caught up at 3 miles and I stopped.  Oh well, a good cool down coming off the 12 miler this past weekend I guess.  Too bad tomorrow will bring more rain.
Till next time...

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