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Monday, February 4, 2008

Nice 8mile

I hit the pavement tonight at 5pm thinking I would just run for another four miles or so (given that my last two runs have been pretty, errr, crappy).  The weather was nice and warm and the sun made it out by the afternoon.
At mile four I realized I was actually feeling pretty limber and thought I should take the opportunity to push a little further.
At mile six I still felt solid, though slowing some by now but decided to do another lap around the lake.
All said I finished 8 miles in a reasonable time and felt very solid afterward.  I could've definitely gone 10.
I think this distance running thing depends a lot more on physical exertion over the past several days than I realized... recovery runs and days off are a must (limited alcohol and poor diet while out of town a close second).

1 comment:

Tim Wilson said...

Great job, way to go!

It always feels good to have a good run like that!