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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blog Site Stats

Well, in the interest of full disclosure and perhaps some blogucation for others wanting to run or optimize thier blog, I am giving some site stat summaries from my first 5 months in real existence.  Note this only includes the web site, not the Feedburner Feed, which is a real limitation.  FYI right now I have about 10-12 "subscribers" to the feed, a third of which are some kind of search engine or aggregator.  All stats here were generated by Google Analytics:

Date of first post: October 20, 2007
Total posts to date: 45
Total pageviews to date: 1,516
Total Unique views to date: 1,099 (much more important, unique views disregards multiple same-page loads by the same visitor)
Visitor Trends:
Late October an initial bump with 50 unique visits the first week
Second Week: 39 visits
Third through Seventh weeks: about 13-15 visits/week
Slow increase in visits through late December
Week of Jan 21st had 89 visits
Week of Jan 27 - 148 visits
Week of Feb 4 - 144 visits
Week of Feb 11 - 123 visits
Week of Feb 18 - 193 visits so far!
Popular Content:
Although this is primarily a running blog, the most attention by far has been from two articles on non-running subjects.  I guess that goes to show us runners are still in a miniscule minority on the web, and even a runner blogging about John McCain or medical software will still get more hits than a runner blogging about running.  Interesting philosophically but also a good tool if you're interested in getting your site some new visitors.  I never really meant the blog to be only about running, it's just what I mostly interested in spending my free time writing about.  Notice nearly 2/3 of visits come for two articles that are not running related.  All of the top pages reference other things or people.  One is a semi-scientific article with a reference to a full text scientific report.  Bottom line is if you want to get hits then reference things.  People are more interested in your thoughts about things than just your thoughts.
Visitor Loyalty:
  • 76% visited once and never returned
  • 11% visited 2-8 times
  • 3% visited 9-25 times
  • 3% visited 26-50 times
  • 4% visited >50 times
Traffic Sources:
I was added to the CRN running blog network,, and in late October, so it's tough to see an impact those made.  Jan 27th I was listed to BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog.  I have since dropped MyBlogLog.  I also added and dropped Romlet in late January.

Sorry for the long one!  Hope this provides some insight into starting a blog.  Despite trying to gain readership probably the most fun part is reading the comments from other runners.  So it's not all about the numbers...


Daniel said...

glad to see blogcatalog could bring you some traffic. Hopefully we can bring you even more in the next month.

daniel /

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