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Monday, February 18, 2008

New Personal Distance Best: 12 miles

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I knew I felt about 90% over the cold - all I had left was a stuffy nose and the occasional sneezing fit. Sunday morning I decided I would head out see how far I could go to try and make up for lost training this past week. I figured this would be 6 or 7 miles then call it day.

About halfway through I was feeling good enough to try and do 10. I did 10 last week, but that was flat and on the treadmill, much different. At about mile 8 or so I realized I could do a little extra. Should I try for 12? One time in high school I completed a 20K, which is about 12.6 miles, but I've never run that far again. I hardly even count it anymore because it was so long ago and my training/build-up recently really has nothing to do with back then.

So I set the mark for 12 miles. The last 3 miles my pace really dipped... also I was entering a very hilly stretch (right near my house) so was little worried about hurting myself. I came into my neighborhood at about 11.5 miles and wound up having to do a few silly laps down the road to get it up to 12 miles.

But I finished. I was very tired and a little disoriented. There was no one there cheering me on. Just me. I had to waddle (very slowly) back up the hill to my house.

The hot shower never felt so good.

1771 kcals! (1 pound of fat = 3600kcals)

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